Our Commitments to You

Individual Clients 

At Adams Consulting Group, we are committed to helping you:

  • Manage your financial affairs with prudence, using a long-term perspective
  • Assist you in defining your financial goals and designing the strategies to pursue them
  • Monitor the progress of your financial plan and help you stay on course
  • Provide talented and ethical consultants to assist you with your financial matters
  • Keep current on developments in the financial marketplace to continuously deliver the appropriate solutions
  • Demand of ourselves the highest standards of ethical conduct and uphold our responsibilities to you and your loved ones

Corporate Clients 

We will manage your qualified and non-qualified retirement plans with prudence and in keeping with the fiduciary standards established under ERISA. We understand the rules governing qualified and non-qualified plans are lengthy and complex. This makes it extremely difficult for employers to fully understand and adhere to these rules. As a further concern, the ultimate liability for operating the plans rests with those at the company who have responsibility for overseeing them (e.g. business owner, key employees, investment committee members, HR manager). This makes it imperative that the Company engage an independent firm that specializes in retirement plans to assist with the various legal and fiduciary responsibilities.

At Adams Consulting Group, we provide your organization with talented and experienced consultants who will help navigate the rules. In addition, we will use our knowledge to assist in creating effective plan design, selecting competitive service providers, negotiating reasonable fees for the services rendered, and educate employees on how to properly use their retirement program. This results in a benefits program that is appreciated by employees.